Author Anne Berkeley

Contemporary and Paranormal Romance

Hi! My name is Anne Berkeley. I'm a full time administrative assistant, wife, and mother of two beautiful children. I do all things creative, from cover design, to photography, swag, and writing.

I write paranormal romance novels for adults. No not erotica. Though there are some steamy scenes. I'm working on several novels at the present. Yes, more than one. I jump back and forth as my mood dictates. It's the way I work best. Tempestuous, my first novel, released in 2012, Torrid in 2013, followed by Feral, the first of a shifter series. I'm working to complete Turbulent (Third and final novel for The Wild Hunt series), the final installment of the Hautboy series. And yes, I work full time too, so please have patience, my plate is full.

In short, that's me. You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads. The links are below. And if you enjoyed my book, it would be appreciated immensely if you would consider leaving a review, or better yet, tell your friends and family.