Sometime Around Midnight

Yes! Carter Strickland's book is finally here!! The release date is set for Nov 25th. You can preorder your copy now!!

Sometime Around Midnight - Amazon

Mattie Whalen had her life mapped out from the tender age of…hell, too young to remember. It was simple. Earn her teaching degree. Win the heart of Hautboy bassist, Carter Strickland. Bear his children. Travel the world at his side. When her plans go awry due to her brother’s interference, she’s accomplished two of her goals. Winning his heart excluded.

Carter Strickland has one regret in life, and it isn’t having slept with his bandmate’s little sister, it’s having let her go. But he isn’t about to let a moment of panic or her brother Jake stand between them. Not again.

When Mattie returns home from college with boyfriend Haris Kovač, is Carter too late? Has she already moved on?

One thing for certain, neither man is letting her go without a fight.

Also, if you're new to the series, or have friends that are new to the series, you can get Someone to Watch over Me on sale Nov 20th through the 26th, leading up to release day. The price will go up through the week, so the earlier you grab it, the better!

Someone to Watch Over Me - Amazon

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