The Hautboy Series

Someone to Watch Over Me

Hautboy Series Book 1

On the run from an abusive relationship, Cooper Hale has gone to great lengths to protect her son. That includes giving up her dreams of a music career for a life of anonymity.
All of her best-laid plans crumble, however, when she meets rock star, Tate Watkins. After giving into her whims and indulging in a one-night stand, she finds cutting him loose isn’t so easy.
Her rash and impulsive decision snowballs into a series of events that sends her life spiraling out of control. Cooper can do little but hang on for the ride, and one wild ride it is.
Danger looms at every turn as her past returns to haunt her. With the man of her dreams and the career she has always wanted within her reach, she’ll need to survive if she’s to seize them.

**This book contains sexual situations, foul language, drugs, alcohol, impulsive decisions, and the frequent use of sarcasm.

Breaking the Habit

Hautboy Series Book 2

Barely escaping her marriage alive, Emelia Cipollini has resolved to live a quiet life in the countryside, but fate has other plans. With her ex out of prison, the loss of her job, and a heartbreaking rejection, all arrows point toward a new beginning in Seattle with best friend, Cooper Hale. Shane Richardson, drummer for world famous rock band, Hautboy, complicates things. His habits are anything but conforming to her lifestyle, but when the bad boy plays it straight, will he stay off the drugs and alcohol long enough to win her trust, or will he become a repeat of her past?

Baby did a Bad Bad Thing

Hautboy Series Book 3

Paisley Shaw has rules about dating. Coworkers and bosses are strictly off limits, and for good reason. She has too much to lose, like her job, her apartment, and ultimately her newfound independence from her twelve—yes, twelve—siblings. But surely the innocuous medical student, Henry Powell, couldn’t do any harm. Or is he just a stepping stone to larger transgressions?

Jake Whalen has his own set of rules. No sleeping with relatives of bandmates or stage crew. No ifs. No buts. No excuses. He instilled the rules for a reason. Keyboardist for the infamous rock band, Hautboy, he’s followed them to the T in order to keep his little sister off the playing field.

When one wittingly crosses the line, they’ll both face the consequences.

But rules are made to be broken.

And perhaps the sting of discipline can be enticing.

Sometime Around Midnight

Hautboy Series Book 4

Mattie Whalen had her life mapped out from the tender age of…hell, too young to remember. It was simple. Earn her teaching degree. Win the heart of Hautboy bassist, Carter Strickland. Bear his children. Travel the world at his side.  When her plans go awry due to her brother’s interference, she’s accomplished two of her goals.  Winning his heart excluded.


Carter Strickland has one regret in life, and it isn’t having slept with his bandmate’s little sister, it’s having let her go. But he isn’t about to let a moment of panic or her brother Jake stand between them.  Not again.


When Mattie returns home from college with boyfriend Haris Kovač, is Carter too late? Has she already moved on?


One thing for certain, neither man is letting her go without a fight.