The Wild Hunt Series


The Wild Hunt Series Book 1

The fiery-haired, tempestuous, Brynja Teare, lived anything but an average childhood. Her change in address was as unpredictable as the shift in weather, undergoing a life on the run in order to conceal her ability to govern thunder and lightning, wind and storms. Along with her father’s recent desertion, she lost the answers to a long list of questions. For starters, why does she possess such powers? And from whom, if anyone, for all these years, have they been running? When a chance encounter places her across the path of highlander Galinn Gunn, she has the opportunity to discover the key to her past. But is the fairytale world she imagined, the life she actually desired? Or has her repressed life on the run merely been an unsettling glimpse of her future? In her quest to find the answers, she must distinguish the truths from the lies, but deciding whom she can trust, and who is out to deceive her is not a simple task, because in her real life fairy nightmare, nothing is black and white.

Brynja Teare’s life has undergone serious changes, and in this compelling sequel to Tempestuous, she questions her choices, or lack thereof. Nothing in her life is what it seems. She finds lies and deceit at every corner. When she finds herself in the custody of the Teine King, will she take comfort in his arms, forsaking her bond with Galinn, or will she follow her berserker to Valhalla?

The Wild Hunt Series Book 2


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The Wild Hunt Series Book 3